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told us

Hamiltonians have lots of ideas about what would improve our city. Here’s some of what they said.

“Develop a city that celebrates the river and faces it.” Chase

“Bring the CBD to life, people need to live there. Lots of people. Business downstairs, accommodation upstairs.” Nona, Hillcrest

What we want

We want our central city to be the beating heart of Hamilton Kirikiriroa which always has something going on for our diverse communities to come together and enjoy.

Our plans for the next 10 years

We’ll continue to invest in our central city by focusing on opening it up to the Waikato River, encouraging people to live and work in the central city and make it easy to access and move around in. We'll also continue supporting and providing funding for central city activations such as the Hamilton Central Business Association events programme and the annual Christmas parade and Christmas tree installation.

You can see the list of projects we’ve included in our budget and will be funded by rates here.

There’s also projects we considered but haven’t included in our budgets. You can view this list here.

Is there a project you really want us to do, or not do? Let us know in the feedback form.

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Here are some of the ways that we’re investing in our city over the next 10 years

$1 million to revitalise and refresh the site of the former Municipal Pool
$5 million to upgrade Embassy Park so there is a strong connection to the Waikato River and the new Waikato Regional Theatre when it opens in 2023
$11 million to make a number of intersections within the central city safer such as Tristram Street and Collingwood Street, Ward Street (Tristram Street and Anglesea Street end), Sapper Moore-Jones Place and Victoria Street

Share your voice.

There are some specific projects we would like your feedback on before we confirm our budget for the next 10 years.

The project

New walking and cycling bridge across the Waikato River

Rotary Hamilton has partnered with Momentum Waikato to lead a project to construct a new walking and cycling bridge across the Waikato River.

The bridge will create a new way for people to walk, bike, scoot and skate to and from the central city and the eastern side of the river, schools in Hamilton East and The University of Waikato.

Council will only be a key financial contributor to the project on the basis that the remaining funding is sought from a range of external partners.

The total cost of the bridge is $28 million.

We propose $11 million of this will be funded by Council through debt (borrowed money) which will have an impact on rates. We anticipate around $17 million will be funded by external partners.

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This is Council's
preferred option

The options

Option 1: Contribute $11 million to the new walking and cycling bridge

We’re proposing to invest $11 million to go towards the $28 million project and will cap Council’s contribution to this level. Other partners will be expected to contribute the remaining $17 million.

Making it easy for people to get into and explore our central city is one of our key focus areas and we believe a new bridge is a fantastic way to make it happen, while also drawing attention to one of Hamilton’s best assets, the Waikato River. It will provide a safe way for Hamiltonians to walk, cycle, scoot or skate to and from the eastern side of the river which will take pressure off our roads and off our car parks.

Although it will be a partner project, it’s important Council takes the lead. By contributing a capped amount, Council will encourage external partners to commit to and contribute to the project.

What this means for your rates:
Amount included in your rates (average, incl GST)**
$21 per year from 2021/22
This option has been included in the proposed budget.

Option 2: Spend more

This option would see us increase our funding from $11 million to $13 million. Our contribution would be capped at this level and funded by debt. This means Council could provide greater assurance that the project would go ahead.

Council would be providing more funding to help get this project underway and as a result it could happen quicker. Investing more would mean we have to borrow more, so the amount we need from rates to fund the project and debt would be $5 more per year (difference between $21 and $26).

What this means for your rates:
Amount included in your rates (average, incl GST)**
$26 per year from 2021/22