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Hamiltonians have lots of ideas about what would improve our city. Here’s some of what they said.

“Restore more native trees by subsidising people to plant them.” Kiri, Silverdale

“Focus on restoring the city’s gullies and improving public access to them, looking into making them pest-free attractions.” Benjamin, St. Andrews

What we want

We want to do it right together, so our city will get better by the day and we can leave a legacy we can all be proud of.

Our plans for the next 10 years

Hamiltonians have told us that investing in a city that can be enjoyed for generations is crucial. Shaping a green city involves investing more in our city’s natural areas, having a clear response to climate change and managing a safe and resilient water supply that doesn’t impact the Waikato River.

In September 2020, Council formally adopted the 2020/2021 Climate Change Action Plan. As a result, we have a new programme of activities to reduce our emissions as a Council. These activities include investing in more efficient lighting, air conditioning and heating across our sites and improving the efficiency of our vehicle fleet. We’re also proposing to reduce our use of natural gas as renewable energy production increases.

In December 2020, Council also adopted the Nature in the City Strategy. This has given us direction for investment in projects to restore, grow and care for nature across the city. We’re focussing on increasing native vegetation cover within the city’s gully network to create thriving habitats for native plant and animal life. We want nature to thrive in Hamilton and nurture us wherever we are.

You can see the list of projects we’ve included in our budget and will be funded by rates here.

There’s also projects we considered but haven’t included in our budgets. You can view this list here.

Is there a project you really want us to do, or not do? Let us know in the feedback form.

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Here are some of the ways that we’re investing in our city over the next 10 years

Around $145 million to maintain our existing wastewater network, storage and plants
An additional $256 million to upgrade and expand our wastewater network, storage and plants to meet the demands of the growing city and compliance costs
Around $102 million to maintain our existing water network, storage and treatment plants
An additional $103 million to upgrade and expand our water treatment plant, water storage and water networks
$21 million to manage our existing stormwater run-off into the Waikato River
An additional $147 million to upgrade and expand our stormwater systems across the city
$1.4 million in new pathways at Waiwhakareke Natural Heritage Park in 2026/27
$1 million to change the water inlets at Lake Rotoroa into wetlands to filter the stormwater runoff that flows into the lake
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Share your voice.

There are some specific projects we would like your feedback on before we confirm our budget for the next 10 years.

The project

Gully restoration

Restoring our gullies is a crucial step in making Hamilton Kirikiriroa truly a green city. There’s already a lot of great work going on in the city by a variety of community groups who are committed to shaping a green city.

In 2020/21, we spent $110,000 supporting these groups and we invest $210,000 each year on plants for our gullies.

As a Council, we’re proposing to invest $29 million to restore and maintain our city’s main gully systems, improve access through paths and boardwalks as well as establishing a biodiversity monitoring and reporting programme and supporting the community to care for and restore nature.

This includes capital expenditure (funded by debt) and operating costs (funded by rates).

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This is Council's
preferred option

The options

Option 1: Invest $29 million to restore and improve our gullies

As a Council we have a responsibility to look after our environment and an opportunity to invest in our city that can be enjoyed for generations. We’ve budgeted $29 million to restore and improve our gullies across the city over the next 10 years.

This option includes $20 million of capital investment investment (funded by debt) to open access via boardwalks and remove weeds and replant underdeveloped gullies. This option is supported by a further $9 million in operational costs (funded by rates) which will go towards the monitoring and reporting programmes and to support our amazing volunteers.

The preferred option has a staged investment with less funding in the first five years.

A staged investment would allow time to plan, design and work with community groups on the proposed gully restoration.

What this means for your rates:
Amount included in your rates (average, incl GST)**
$48 per year from 2021/22
This option has been included in the proposed budget.

Option 2: Speed it up

This option would still invest $29 million but brings some spending forward from the last five years to the first five years of the plan.

Although the rates impact for both options appears the same, this is based on an average across 10 years. Under this option, we take on debt sooner, which means we’d be closer to our debt-to-revenue limit in the first five years.

What this means for your rates:
Amount included in your rates (average, incl GST)**
$48 per year from 2021/22